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We sign contracts

when something is

important to us;

purchasing a car, purchasing a home, signing up for the health club!

Are you ready for a contract at work? So you know what the rules are and the Company can't just change them whenever they feel like it. 

The life you change would be your own.

We make choices and vote for many things in our lives. A choice to become Union is one about valuing the work you do, about changing a job into a career, it's about creating a livable wage. 

It's time to reward hard work, dedication

and making work pay. Wage Progression,

a Safety Advocate, Health Care, Vacation

Retirement, Fair Work Rules, Sick Pay are

just some of the items all worth fighting for.

They allow you to support yourself and

your family.​ 



You contribute to

the success and

profits of your

Company. They like to make you think they did it alone, and you're just lucky to be here. 

​There is value in the work you do everyday. It's time to recognize the worth and value of your work.