The Benefits of Union Membership

The union wage premium—the percentage-higher wage earned by those covered by a collective bargain­ing contract, adjusted for workers’ education, age, and other characteristics—is 13.6 percent over­all.

Have a Voice 

If you trade and don't make your 32 or 15 hours this quarter, what happens? Lose your health benefits? Lose your Full-Time status? Lose your job? Want a say in your work rules that take money out of your pocket? Time to get a voice.


Unions promote fairness instead of favoritism. 

They have a contract

All of management and executive have a contract and won't work with out one. So how come it's ok for them to have built in pay raises and benefits, but not for you?

JOin the middle class

Why become UNion?

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Unions foster a vibrant middle class because of protections, rights, and wages that unions secure.

You work hard, you work all hours, and you can be proud of the good job you do and the success you have brought your company. Is .15 cents an hour after 5 years of profits a good reflection of what your company thinks of you? And you don't even know when the next pay raise is coming. Time to start the conversation for a better raise, sign a card today.

JOin the middle class

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